Quality home fittings and accessories can often spell the difference between a luxurious and comfortable home to one that’s not. At Kitchen Bath Guides, we make it our business to provide the most quality kitchen and bathroom accessories to give your house the home feeling. From fittings like handheld shower heads, bathroom faucets and a few more, to appliances like espresso machines and cookware, we have you covered.


You probably don’t spend a third of your day in the bathroom, but we assure you that when you do step into the bathroom, you want to be as squeaky clean and free of irritations. Our faucets, shower heads, and best bathroom accessories are designed to bring the sparkle to your bathroom and if they do get dirty you can clean them easily.


Now, the kitchen is where your food is made, you can’t compromise on quality. Our faucets and kitchen accessories will bring the elegance to your kitchen. Feel comfortable in your kitchen with the sparkling accessories we have in store for you. also, we also deal in a range of kitchen appliances including the espresso machines and some more.

If you ever get confused about making any purchase for a bathroom appliance, drop by our site and check out our extensive product reviews to help you make a choice.



We are grateful for the patronage over the years, and of course, it has us thinking to give back to our loyal customers. So, the scholarship plan was drawn up to benefit a lot of Kitchen Bath customers who are students. A $1,000 bill awaits the applicant who writes the best 1000-1500 word essay on provided oriented topics.


Eligibility and Requirements 

The scholarship competition is open to all undergraduate and postgraduate students. So, here’s a word of advice to prospective contestants, you must look to wow the audience with your write up, leave no stone unturned. It is not enough to be imaginative on this one, you must strive to beat your imagination because other applicants will be doing the exact same thing. It is more than writing, it is a war for the “iron throne” or the $1,000 bill.

Of course, you know that plagiarism and errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation will do more harm than good. So, be square with this one. Your ability as a writer, creativity, and sense of reasoning will be put to the test, and that is all you need to overcome to walk away with $1,000. Following are some of the factors which we consider in your article including:


  • Conduct preliminary research
  • Writing skills
  • Article subject
  • Write a unique angle
  • Make it Specific logic ability

Following are the topics to write. So pick one and start writing:


1.) Write an article on the essential bathroom appliances.

2.) Is shower heads is the essential for home improvement

3.) What aspect should people consider before purchasing the best shower heads?

4.) Write an article on the essential kitchen appliances.

5.) Uses of Shower heads in the home and their functions.

6.) Smart uses of different types of shower heads.

7.) Buying online shower heads is safe or not?

8.) Write some suggestions to improve our website.



How to Apply?

To apply for the Kitchen Bath Guides Scholarship Program, submit personal information including your first and last name, email, phone number, ID proof to our web page You could do that or just email your documents to in PDF or DOCX format, whichever works for you. The required details mentioned below:


  • Your personal detail (First and last name, phone number and Email address as well)
  • Your school or college name
  • Area of study
  • Your identity proof which describes that you are a student


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