Raincan Shower head


The Marielle Raincan is a showerhead development conveyed to us by Pfister, which guarantees to drastically enhance your showering background by dousing you in a downpour of water. This shower takes remains off among other rain shower makes a beeline for its one of a kind, and conventional style, which is as striking as it is utilitarian.

Head Features

  • Brilliant Flow: There is nothing more awful than envisioning about an awesome shower throughout the day, just to get back home to a give a frail stream of water. The Marielle Raincan showerhead accordingly endeavors to guarantee that you are not left standing specifically under the shower head trying to profit by the water that is just leaving the shower planes.
  • Self-Cleaning: Pfister perceives that most people abhorrence the consistent cleaning that runs with less than impressive shower heads, and that is the reason The Marielle Raincan has been planned as a low-upkeep restroom machine.
  • Incredible Styling: The most conspicuous component of the Marielle Raincan is no ifs and or buts it’s styling, which is enriching yet utilitarian. This 6-inch enriching shower head is not made with the typical stainless steel or plastic, yet is rather made with amazing metal. This metal establishment then gets one of two top of the line completes, which incorporate brushed nickel and cleaned chrome. The competing on the showerhead keeps any consumption that metal apparatuses ordinarily experience the ill effects of, and will ensure that the Raincan does not turn a tinge of green.  Aside from being a rich expansion to any washroom, This Marielle Raincan is to a great degree tough and conveys a lifetime guarantee to demonstrate it.which make it one of best fast flow shower in the price brackets.
  • Simple to Install: One of the greatest grievances related with divider mounted showerheads is that they are excessively troublesome, making it impossible to introduce. Also, what’s more, terrible than purchasing an excellent shower make a beeline for abandon it lying in a crate until you can discover a jack of all trades to bail you out?
  • Incredible Coverage: Notwithstanding frail water stream, the top particular vexation of everybody with a shower is an insufficient scope. It is, therefore, Pfister has planned the Raincan with an effective scope framework, which guarantees that you completely advantage from delicate and high volume rain splash.

Presently you can make sure of the way that once you enter the shower the splash will hit your head and back with no inconvenience.


  • Simple To Install
  • Extraordinary Looking
  • Reasonable
  • Simple To Clean: Self-Cleaning Feature
  • The Water Flow Is Plentiful and Gentle
  • Customizable Head


  • Arm Is Not Included
  • Pauses for a moment To Drain After Shutting Off The Water
  • No Massage Settings Are Included




The Pfister Marielle Raincan certainly merits its status as one of the best showers takes off there. This divider mounted showerhead dominates others in its class and will be an extraordinary expansion to your rebuilt lavatory.

The brilliant old world craftsmanship is only a reward; the Raincan showerhead will work well for you. Utilizing the audit above, you can now settle on you ultimate conclusion on regardless of whether you need to buy this exceptional showerhead.

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